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"you ought to pay more attention to the writing on the wall, for in it is the voice of your people"

graffiti of dishonored

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sassy sassy kenways

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Whose side are you on?

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so how do i relationship

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Aiden is watching you...and your dogs

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A Summary of Gaming in 2013

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there is never a dull poker night on the normady.

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No man should have all that power.

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just a couple of my favorite annas

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Basic reaction on finishing Mass Effect 3:


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Is Aiden Pearce gonna be recruited into the hot dads




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I wanna thank the universe for this gifset

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Happy Birthday to Booker “Hot Dad” DeWitt
19th April 1874

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Reunited with my elephant-ears ❤️


Dude fuck off. You know why horses get ridden? For exercise and health. A rider who is responsible enough to own a horse should know when to stop riding, so it’s not fucking abuse unless a rider is intentionally beating and working the shit out of the poor animal. A horse is an equestrian’s team mate, so why would we ruin the horse!? Don’t go onto horse blogs and yell ‘animal abuse’ when you obviously don’t know the first fucking thing about equine health. Fuck you.

the reason horses get ridden is selfish human domination nazis like you think they are yours to use as tools for their kicks. horses are animals perfectly capable of exercising themselves and dont need human interference at all. you are an animal abuser.

’It isn’t a conventional way to think that the horse’s back is the home of the spinal cord brain and is not made for any external loadings, it has completely different functions. A horse’s back is not a seat, it is a very complex and tender anatomical structure with extraordinary functions.
It is enough to look at the nerve patterns in a horse’s back to understand how sensitive it is. It is no accident of course that the anatomical structure of the horse’s nervous system is so extraordinarily well constructed. It was no accident that the medial branches of the nervi spinales (the spinal cord nerves) which come out from the spinal cord (medulla spinalis) which is directly connected with the brain were placed so high on a horse’s back, under (and into) the very epidermis, above the spinous processes. Besides the obvious biomechanical function, the back has another very important function. The spinal cord’s work is to guarantee that the responses from the entire nervous system can communicate the senses of taste, smell, vision, hearing, and vestibular function to the brain, not to get lost in too much detail.

On this especially vulnerable, sensitive organ, onto the medulla spinalis, the brain of the back, sits a rider. It is possible to pull the wool over one’s eyes, reassuring a rider that the saddle gullet has the very curve and depth that prevents a rider’s influence on the spinal cord. But this consolation is for gullible. The medial branches of the spinal cord nerve, the primary organ which signals an external problem, are widespread, and are not in any way protected from the pressure of the saddle. The gullet would need to be widened 3-4 times in order to minimize the rider’s influence on them which is unrealistic.’’ 

You don’t ride horses, if you did you’d know that riders are suppose keep all their weight in their heels (or most of it depending on the rider’s flexibility.) Look at most any picture of a rider and see that their heel is below their toes. This is for balance and so the rider does. not. sit. on the horse’s spine. You act like equestrians know nothing about horses, when obviously you know nothing. Saddles have trees that distribute weight evenly and keep the weight of the rider off the spinal cord. If you look at a proper fitting saddle you will see that it does NOT TOUCH THE SPINE. 

I have never heard of a horse with spinal damage that was being treated with care. Equestrians KNOW how fragile horses are, that’s why we spend so much money to INSURE their safety. 

Stop trying to act like you know so much about a horse’s safety when you don’t even spend time with horses. Horses are the most important thing in a rider’s life, why the fuck would we cut corners when it comes to their health?

I would also like to know your sources (if you even have any) for this complete shit.

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